Vastu Shastra (vāstu śāstra – literally “science of architecture”) are texts on the traditional Indian system of architecture. These texts describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. The designs aim to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilising geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry, and directional alignments

"Our sages and seers have knew the secrets of using all the five elements of this universe and their special characteristics and influence such as the magnetic field."

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Residential Vastu

Vastu means ‘home’ a place where human beings and animals dwell to protect themselves from natural pitfalls. In order to make home a better place to live, Vastu principles have to be followed to enhance the chances of peace, prosperity and all over happiness.

You can avail our consultation services either by a map on paper or by direct supervision. We provide our services without any structural changes. Our aim is to apply Vastu scientifically making people believe that Vastu Shastra is not a myth but a scientific logic which can make your life happy altogether.

Commercial Vastu

Your sleeping, sitting and working places in a house play a very important role from the Vastu point of view. Under this service, we analyse such number of facts which make your place auspicious or inauspicious for you. In addition to this, we look into the fact whether construction of your house is done in accordance with Vastu Rules or not.

We also analyse the commercial merits of the place of your working. We you get success here? Where to put the saleable products and where should the employees sit according to Vastu Rules? On the basis of such facts, a report is prepared and such suggestions are given which are required for the overall development of your business. There may be suggestions relating to interiors and a little alteration in the structures.

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