Curious about a particular number in your life? A numerology reading will provide insights about your past, present and future.

Numbers hold a lot of value spiritually and numerically. In Numerology the relationship between the numbers and its’ mystical nature is studied and tells how a particular number affects the life of an individual. We are providing different manifestations such as numerology portrait, birth numerology, and name numerology. The numerology is not only applicable in India, but also other cultures follow it like 666 represents devils, 888 represents Jesus, and so on. It is believed that each number has a vibe, and the sum of the numbers can tell about the various characteristics of an individual. If you want to uncover your life path, then now you can connect with us.

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Remedies According to Numbers

In numerology, each number from 1 to 9 has its own significance.If any of these numbers are missing in one’s birth chart(Loshu Grid),, the person will lack the characteristics of that is All Problems mentioned according to given numbers in list below:

  1. They will find it difficult to express themselves individually and will be more concerned with helping and nurturing others. They will need help & advice of others to progress.
  2. They lack Sensitivity, Patience & Self Confidence. They lack Intuitive power. Consequently, they will make mistakes by ignoring the still small, quiet voice within.
  3. Blessing of God/Guru decreases. Lack of confidence and find it hard to express.
  4. They get Entangled in their thoughts, don’t work at fix time, become Directionless. Prefer to remain unorganized, Lacks courage, tolerance & practicality.
  5. There will be a Loss of money. Failure in good communication. Loans, bankruptcy, bad luck till the age of 34.
  6. The person will have a problem in money, family life, leisure, Marriage problem. The happiness of family goes away. They become irresponsible.
  7. They will be Disorganized in their everyday life. They are confused and show anxiety
  8. Decision-taking power decreases, wealth decreases.
  9. Name & Fame decreases, life becomes struggle-full.
Numerology Life Path Number

It is one of the crucial numbers as it forms the basis of what a person’s life will look like and the personality traits. This number is usually calculated with the help of date of birth, and it is a single digit from 0 to 9.

Expression Number
This number is commonly known as the destiny number of a person and tells about the abilities, desires as well as the personal goals of an individual. It showcases the inherited traits that a person is may or may not aware of.

Soul Urge Number
In numerology, this number shows the heart desires of a person, it tells about the inner reflection and true self. It reveals the truth and the soul urge inside the individual.

Personality Number
It is calculated with the help of the consonants of ones’ name it reflects the side of a person, which they show to others.

Birth Day Number
The date of birth of any individual holds the key to destiny and is entirely dependent on the day when a person is born.

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