Psychic Reading

Life is one big enigma that can be overwhelming and terrifying at times. There are so many mysteries that are beyond our understanding. While some of them are minor and don’t have a huge impact on us, others can shed a huge dark cloud over our lives.A psychic reading is one of a few ways of trying to comprehend some of these mysteries.

"Psychic reading is a great way of gaining a deeper understanding of the events that have happened, are happening, or will happen in your life. You really ought to try it regardless of whether you are a believer or a skeptic."

Acharya Mini
About Your Life Card

A simple card game which helps to illuminate the many options we have when trying to decide: ‘What should I do with my life?’

There are some 600,000 different jobs in the world. Inevitably, it can be hard to know which one might be best suited to our talents and temperament.

This card game is designed to help us determine what occupation might be most relevant to us. Each of the 52 cards details a highly distinctive and often fascinating profession with ratings for key factors to bring our ambitions into focus. The cards work together as a fun and competitive trump game that tries to help us with one of the most serious tasks we face: knowing what we might usefully do with the rest of our lives.

Lost & Found Spread
This Tarot spread will provide you with all the information you need for finding your lost objects. First of all, it will tell you if it is possible to find it or not. Then it will guide you about where it is and what it has around it. And finally, it will tell you about the result of your search.

This is the meaning of the position of each of the cards:

  • Card position #1: Is it possible to find it?

    If the card is reversed it indicates that it will be difficult or that it will not be possible to find the item.

  • Card position #2: Its Location

    Does it have many people? Or just one person?

  • Card position #3: Above It

    This card will give you a clue as to what the lost item has on top of it.

  • Card position #4: Besides It

    This card will give you a clue as to what the lost item has next to it.

  • Card position #5: Below It

    This card will give you a clue as to what the lost item has under it.

  • Card position #6: Outcome

    The card in this position will give you clues about the outcome of the situation.

Seven Chakras Spread

Chakra Tarot Spread, each and every position is aligned with a chakra. The spread depicts blockages, Influences, and advances to healing the mind, body, and soal.

The Tarot Card spread is read from top to bottom, which is why the numbering has been reversed, and the Crown Chakra is lablled as one and the Root Chakra as seven.

  • Crown Chakra or Sahasrara: I know
  • Third Eye Chakra or ajna: I See
  • Throat Chakra or Vishuddha: I Speak
  • Heart Chakra or Anahata: I Love
  • Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura: I Can
  • Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana: I Feel
  • Root Chakra or Muladhara: I Have
Year Prediction Spread
This 7-card Tarot spread is a powerful tool to see where you’ve been and where you’re going on your personal journey. This Year Ahead Tarot spread is actually extremely versatile.

Here’s the layout and the positions for your very own yearly Tarot reading

  • Your Sunset Card
  • Your Horizon Card
  • Your Obstacle Card
  • Your Strength Card
  • Your Advice Card
  • Your Navigation Card
  • Your Clarity Card
Business Courier Spread
Psychic tarot readings oracle spread. You are a business owner and would like to receive few messages , predictions and warnings about your practice or how to improve certain aspect in that specific career:

This spread will give business owners their strength and weaknesses as well as advices and warnings to help improve their situation.

I will need your first name or initial and the type of business you are running. You can also feel free to add any of your concerns as context .
Planets Direction Spread
Mercury : The Magician
The power of mind, Connection to the Divine
Venus : The Empress
Pleasure, sensuality, and passion
Venus : The Empress
Pleasure, sensuality, and passion
Mars : The Tower
Abrupt change and upheaval
Jupiter : Wheel of fortune
Expansion through connection to cosmic laws
Saturn : The World
Self-mastery and completion
Uranus : The Fool
Neptune : The Hanged Man
Mystical awareness and depth
Pluto : Judgment
Deep transformation
Moon : The High Priestess
Intuitive awareness and inner vision
Sun : The Sun
Full awareness and outer vision, illumination
Relationship Love Spread
If you’re in a relationship and want to get a deeper understanding of how it’s going right now, this six-card spread addresses many of the questions you might have.

As you pull, think of your partner and you together, trying to remain as unbiased as possible. Try not to shrug off anything you’d rather not face as you ask these questions:
What Is A Psychic Reading?
A psychic reading is when an individual with psychic powers taps into your energy to see things about your past, present, or future. And no, a psychic does not read your entire life. They merely give you a scoop of critical details obtained from your medium. You can then use these little details to adjust and improve your life. Cold psychic reading is another term you will come across very often. A psychic reading is defined as cold when the psychic did not have any prior knowledge about the client. They acquire all the information from reading the client’s energy and observing their behaviours and characteristics. Contrary to popular beliefs, psychic readings don’t have to happen in one-on-one meetings with psychics. In today’s digital world, you can get a reliable reading online from the comfort of your home.
Why Should You Try a Psychic Reading?
  1. It Gives You Peace of Mind
  2. It Validates Your Decisions
  3. It Gives You a General Overview of Your Life
  4. It Can Redirect Your Life
  5. It Gives Your Inspiration
  6. It Can Prepare You for the Future
  7. It Can Give You Closure